Best Friends

by Nathan TR Shaw

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Originally entitled "For Isabelle and Jacob" and later "Tuk Tuk Driver"...this is a collection of songs that I have written since I have been in Guatemala. I came here with only an acoustic guitar, a microphone and an iPad to record on. These are the results.


released September 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Nathan TR Shaw Dayton, Ohio

Nathan is from the Cincinnati Ohio area and has been playing music for 27 years. He began with piano lessons when he was 8 years old and later taught himself guitar, drums and bass. He has been writing and performing his own songs for over 15 years.

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Track Name: Best Friends
We're best friends.
Like Tom and Jerry
when they're backstage and friendly.
You had my back and now I hope that you are happy.

Playing Nintendo sure beats doing chores.
If you're hitting home runs you can't be cleaning floors.
Turn right on Warren and watch out for the curb
if you want to survive the wrath you will incur.

I will concede you're a better cook then I.
But if you want to rock out be here 8:00 tonight.

I hope you're happy.
Track Name: Fernanda
The bus is on the way -
we'll get there soon.

5am on a mid-June night.
The bed is warm and the bugs are alright.
I hear some tires screach
out on the lonely street.

What's that noise in the distance I hear?
Princesita putting it in gear.
I hear the diesel roar -
people won't wait no more for a ride.
In all of Guate they say 'what could it be?
(¿que será?)

The bus is on the way -
we'll get there soon.

Through the lakes and rivers of this place.
Hills and valleys with a friendly face.
We take the long way, Jack.
We'll take the short way back.

8am on a Sunday bright.
Don't miss your ride to the next big flight.
We'll put your stuff right here.
We'll see you early next year, gracias a Dios.
In all of Mexico the people all say (¿qué qué?)

The bus is on the way -
we'll get there soon.
Track Name: Jacob
When Jacob burst upon the scene
the mountains shook - the people screamed.
They'd never seen a boy like him before.
He'd right a novel, sail a ship,
have some trouble with his hip,
all before the age of 44.

His early years passed like a flash
of bottle times and diaper rash
and waiting for the chance to speak his words.
On the day that he turned three
he muttered, quite confidently,
he'd like to try to take over the world.

So we sing, "La la la la la la": Jacob.

When he was a boy of four
much he would be on the floor -
he'd been there many times before you see.
Strategizing his assault
with sugar packets, jars of salt -
winnings always so convincingly.

So we sing, "La la la la la": Jacob.

When he turned five something went wrong.
His mind had slipped. His plan was gone.
A great fear seized the lad capriciously.
A normal man he would become -
but slower than almost no one.
Both ostracized and feared by everyone.
But Jacob's never been afraid of me.
Jacob's never been afraid of me,
'cause I'm his friend, you see.

So we sing, "La la la la la": Jacob.
Track Name: Isabelle
Isabelle, princess of Harmer Castle.
Isabelle, rule with love. Treat your subjects well.
And don't forget to wave.

Isabelle, tell the king and queen you love them so.
Isabelle, let the prince know he can come and go.
And don't forget to wave.

Isabelle, princess of Harmer Castle.
Track Name: Jessica
You are my love.
You set my heart alight.
I see your special gift
and you see mine.

Let's make a deal:
let's spend forever here.
Like vines let's let our separate hearts entwine.
Track Name: Hugo
Tuk tuk driver.
Lord knows you're gonna take all the good folks home.

Preacher, preacher.
Lord knows you're gonna tell all the good people lies.

Mean man, mean man.
Lord knows you're gonna get what is coming back to you.

Doctor, doctor.
Lord knows you're gonna cure what it eating my soul.
Track Name: Yesica
Aunque todo va hacia el suelo
puedes hacer que vaya bien todo
con tu amor que para siempre tengo.

Pasa lo que pasa
se que vamos a
aguantar hasta el fin.
Hasta que no vea
estrellas o la luna -
voy a estar aqui sin fin.
Con mi amor llamada Yesica.

En sus labios gusto el sol.
Aguaceros son sus ojos.
Mi corazon palpita para tí solo.

Con todo lo que tengo
Para siempre te amo
Eternidad y un dia
Con mi amor - la amada, Yesica.
Track Name: Thomas Riley
This is the first track that I'm releasing from my third album "Best Friends:

Once in a great while
I will wake up with a smile
and the whole day will look bright and blue.
Once in a blue moon
I won't feel like 82
and I'll have a big surprise planned for you
with balloons and
cotton candy.
Mom and daddy
all there to wish you well
it's hard to tell if this is real.

When I see that tooth
I want to go through the roof
but I know I've got to keep my cool.
When I hear that name
I go halfway to insane -
like the smelly kid you knew in school
named Eugene or
Thomas Riley.
Ask politely
for him to make it go.
It's hard to know if this is real.

Once in a great while
I will wake up with a smile
but I know I'll end up in a frown.
Here in Santa Rosa
at the end of Guatemala
right is left, wrong is right
and up is down.
Welcome to our
paradise home -
double rainbow.
Where nothing has a name -
it's all insane
could this be real?

Twinkle twinkle little star
I often wonder if you are
little and close or big and far.
I wonder.
Track Name: Short Goodbyes
Tell them so.
Say "I love you" and "I need you" though
you think they know it.
Say it all the same.
It will take their breath away.

Loud and clear
I hear you darling now that we're all here.
Let's make the most of it and
make some hay.
It will only make our day.

Very soon you'll be
3,000 miles from me.
You'll see our family
and here I'll stay.
I'll silently pray
for just one more day
with you.

Understand, that long goodbyes
are for the weepers and
we'd better keep this short
and move along.
I can only be so strong.