The Kitchen

by Nathan TR Shaw

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Recorded between August and December 2013.

I wanted this album to sound completely different then my first. So, most of the guitars were recorded through a Fender Mini Twin amp with 2 inch speakers for a very raw sound (see picture under bonus items).

I also recorded real drums on most songs instead of using drums apps to give it more of a dirty and authentic feel. Additionally I tried to avoid any sound effects.

My goal for this album for the most part was a raw, dirty, bluesy feel.


released December 17, 2013

All songs written and performed by Nathan TR Shaw with the exception of the following:

- Done Somebody Wrong - Written by Elmore James (originally entitled 'I Done Somebody Wrong")

- Kinda Man - Written by Andre Brown, Matt Shaw and Nathan Shaw

Photo Credit: Stuart Whitmore

Thanks to the following people for their help:

- My wife Jessica for letting me take the time to do this.
- Jorge Castañeda for letting me borrow his drums.
- Jesse King for some of his equipment.
- Matt Shaw for letting me borrow his bass.
- Brian Woolf for giving us the book by Will and Ariel Durant that inspired "the Universe Known Nothing"



all rights reserved


Nathan TR Shaw Dayton, Ohio

Nathan is from the Cincinnati Ohio area and has been playing music for 27 years. He began with piano lessons when he was 8 years old and later taught himself guitar, drums and bass. He has been writing and performing his own songs for over 15 years.

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Track Name: St Augustine
Sometimes I don't know if I'm up or down;
if I should smile or frown;
laugh or pout.
But, if the past was great
then now I'm living in paradise.
But, all the same
that was all a shame.

I've been on the short side
of a stick or two
all because of you.
Now I can't say that I know you anymore.
But all the same
I think it''s better that way.
Track Name: Septimal
She comes right up and talks to me
and offers praise unselfishly.
My one delight from way out east
trying to make herself unique.

Here's to long life.
Here's to love.
Here's to everything.

Eleventh floor is much to high
for serenades late in the night.
But, if you here me come on down
and meet the biggest fool in town.

Pleased to meet you
and your acquaintance is a delight.
Now that I am green with envy,
and blushing red from this surprise.

Well, the eyes have it but barely by a nose.
So, let's do London and Paris
and as they do in Rome.

She quietly sings herself to sleep,
"He's coming to visit me next week."
I'm coming right on up to you
to do whatever we can do.
Track Name: Down So Long
Been down so long I can't even get up.
I was living the life, 'till the going got tough,
I've been in the sewer. Dirty and deranged.
If a black cat passed me it wouldn't be out of place.
I've got dirt beneath my nails and a sunburn on my face.

I've been stuck in the same old rut, can't seem to escape.
Trouble seems to find me in any old place.
I can't rest for a minute. I can't take my time.
For every truth I'm told I hear 99 lies.
I'm not staying here no more with my hands over my eyes.

Been down so long I can't seem to get right.
When a good thing finds me it just picks a big fight.
I'm sick and tired, cold and alone.
It's been ten long days since I've been home.
I'm soaked down to my core and I'm numb from head to toe.
Track Name: The Universe Knows Nothing
Things aren't going the way I thought they'd be.
It's like waking up inside a bad dream.
Nothing ever seems to happen lately.
But then things aren't going as they should be

Have you ever woke up clear, but hazy?
Like a rescue dog both quick and lazy.
Well, if Johnny calls please say I'm busy.
Then tell me if he kicks off in a tizzy

When I'm feeling old and tired
I will scream to the sky
loud, but humbly -
arms waived wildly -
"the universe has nothing on me."

She has a way of forcing me
to feel anything but significant.

If I stop making sense do try to stop me.
Living of thirst and
everybody knows the Greedo shot first.

I'm a brief spark in space, don't ya know?
The universe knows nothing
and time is flying away.
Track Name: Dance Craze
She's got a simple idea, she just has to execute.
Even in a hurry she looks so cute.
She tells me move to the left and I accomodate.
Kick, turn. Kick turn...
it's looking so great.
All she ever wanted to do was make a dance craze.

Get hand clapping, toe tapping.
When I say 'let's go' let yourself go.

All she's ever wanted to say was 'get on the dance floor.'
and if you think I'm lying then you can call the cops.
Track Name: Green Eyed Woman
Well, she don't mind saying
that she don't like playing
and she thinks I'm boring in blue
I can I'm sure
she's my green-eyed girl
and I'm glad I'm stuck here with you.
Now that we've commiserated
let's get down and validate it.

She's long on charm
she looks good on my arm
she's a negotiator supreme.
I can't keep a straight face
when she stands in her place
and she tries to make herself mean.
We should make a game of it
you could sing me made up lyrics.

She's a girl that makes me try to buy the earth and sky,
but it wouldn't do.
She's my green-eyed woman -
she wears rose-colored glasses for me.
But, they never work.
She's a part of me that makes the darkest days pass onwards.

I'm done pretending.
I can't keep defending.
Now I've got to say this to you:
'You can fuss and quake
and you can bellyache,
but I will always be there for you.'
Consider this your medecine.
I don't want to hear of this again.
Track Name: Done Somebody Wrong
The bell has tolled
my baby done caught that train and gone.
It's all my fault. I must have done somebody wrong.

Everything that happens
you know I am to blame.
I'm gonna call me a doctor.
Maybe my health will change.

My momma told these days would surely come
but I wouldn't listen to her, I just had to have my fun.
I must have done somebody wrong.
It's all my fault.
I must have done somebody wrong.
Track Name: Kinda Man
What kinda man would I be
if I letcha, just letcha be?
I'd be the kinda man
the kind that set you free.

You're nobody's fool,
but I've got to getcha.
It's not take me long
to prove that to you.
'Cause you need the kinda man
the kind that plays it cool.

Honestly better
I'll never look at another.
You're a heavenly creature
and I've really got to see ya.
So I'll be the kinda man
the kinda man you need.

So, what kinda man
would i be
if I letcha, just letcha be?
I'd be the kinda man
the kind set ya fre.
Track Name: The Kitchen
I only had a place of my own
for one short month
seven long years ago
and I was sad -
I couldn't put my finger on sleep.

I could do anything that wanted -
like take the first flight out to California
but my head hung low
and all that I could think to do was think.

I was found a pitied waste all alone
with one couch and heart in two at home.

'Cause I said no
I said no to you, woman.
I said no to you in the kitchen.

I've learned one good lesson in life:
when you sign that line you better be sure
you've crossed all your Ts
and dotted the very last I.
When you count your friends on one hand
you can't rely on a rescue
if they don't know.

I can tell you're fading fast.
Like a top that wasn't spun to last.

I said no.
I said no to you ,woman.
I said no to you.
I said no to you in the kitchen.